Photo of a Dominos pizza

Value: 7 / 10

Decent quality pizza at often an average price. This is made up for by the various coupons Dominos offers. You can save up pizza points to earn free pizzas.

Taste: 6 / 10

Taste as Dominos is a mixed bag. It is highly dependant on the cook, and how busy the individual restaurant is.

Presentation: 7 / 10

Delivered in a decent quality and visually appearing box. The pizza’s presentation is consistent, being structurally sound enough not to require a plastic “mini pizza table” in the box unlike other chains.

Unfortunately due to how greasy Dominos can be, the boxes often appear messy on the inside.

Ordering Experience: 9 / 10

Decent website with a status tracker that sometimes works. Has an delivery map so I can see where my pizza is at all times. They also have an app.

Madi’s Pizza Score: 7 / 10

Dominos, often called a tech company that happens to make pizza sometimes, is a popular national chain originated in the US. It’s pizza is often average though sometimes great.